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Re: Online consultation for developing the Voluntary Guidelines for Sustainable Soil Management

Peter John Opio
Peter John OpioFood And Agriculture Organisation Of the United NationsUganda

Dear Sir,

Apology for responding late to the content of the above subject.

The guidelines are comprehensive addressing critical concerns to sustainable soil management.

My fear is that it mentions little on the direction of research in soil  management., Concerns of research are that there is little investment by some countries on the same; and where it is financed it is enterprise and not farm system based. 

Secondly on conservation and or rehabilitation of soils at watershed level,   some funds are required to demonstrate and or establish physical soil and water conservation structures, a practice that is labour intensive. Most interventions at such a scale ignore financing such activities. 

I would thus be happy to see aspects like;


Research on soil management should be participatory and recognize components of the farm system so as to come out with information that may not impede adoption of technologies promoted


Governments and or private sector should invest in practices that are labor intensive 

Gender experts may be consulted to enrich on extension information/technologies that may not be gender sensitive.

Thank you