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Re: Using information technology in the agriculture of APEC economies and beyond – The potential of Wisdom Agriculture for poverty reduction and improved food security.

Xiuming Guo
Xiuming GuoAgricultural Information Institute of CAASChina

Wisdom agriculture has made great progress in China. And quite a few projects have been set in some provinces, such as Shandong province, Henan province and Sichuan province.

The county of Henan Shangshui proposed the method for poverty reduction through "internet+wisdom agriculture". On the food security premise, the leader group made a deep thought on how to overcome poverty in 2018. Based on the traditional agriculture big county, the county determined the basic thought through precision poverty reduction: change and update the traditional agriculture using "internet+ agriculture", develop wisdom agriculture. Meanwhile, introduce the handicraft and help the poor women get a job at home, so that they can both take care of the farmland and help reduce poverty.

In Chengdu city of Sichuan province, it proposed "develop wisdom agriculture, push transition and update" in Xieyuan town, it's pushing new town and country build.

In Shandong Zibo city, a wisdom agriculture centre was built, hierarchical platforms were created in every county. Greenhouse vegetable high-standard building is developing quickly, and it has become one light spot in the agricultural development history of Zibo. Wisdom agriculture is the necessary phase from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture, and it will provide good practise and experience.