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Re: Intégrer la biodiversité dans l'agriculture, la pêche et la sylviculture pour améliorer la sécurité alimentaire et la nutrition

Jean Marius D'Alexandris
Jean Marius D'AlexandrislyseconceptFrance

A biotechnology to revalorize wastewater producing a fertilizing liquid from organic farming land.

The problem of drinking water in the world is intimately linked to the problem of wastewater treatment, its main source of pollution.

Land earth, soil and the sub-soils, the environment, natural hydraulic environment, the aquifers serve as a –trash- disposal for wastewater treatment.

Waste water with a biological characteristic contains gold-ganie, a natural enrichment of the topsoil.
This liquid, which comes out of the "Fosse Biologique" process, contains water, fine particles of suspended organic matter, active bacterial flora, biochemical components (nitrogen, nitrate, potassium phosphate, ammonia, urea) a natural fertilizer.
This biotechnology is implemented in the form of a biological purification concept that is of interest to every place that consumes water daily for domestic purposes.
This biotechnology is established in all areas of the globe, anywhere, in any configuration, adapted to the production of wastewater: hotel, catering, industry, school, community, individual.
Regardless of the location of the biotechnology installation, the discharge of the liquid at the outlet from the device is dispersed on a vegetated outlet in addition to purification of the process. This biodiversity can serve as a food support for the habitat but also for the community of the disadvantaged.
The biotechnological concept of excreta treatment preserves the healthiness of areas with high habitat densities.
Biotechnology, which immediately recycles liquid from the process, provides a reduction in the abstraction of drinking water from underground reserves while preserving groundwater from pollution.
I would like to thank you for your interest in our Bio-technology for the biological purification of wastewater effluents.

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Jean Marius D’Alexandris

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