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Re: Online consultation for review and comments on the zero-draft International Code of Conduct for the Use and Management of Fertilizers

Andrew Isingoma
Andrew Isingoma Agriculture consultant and FSN-FORUM-MEMBERRwanda

Is an International Code of Conduct for the Use and Management of Fertilizers beneficial and useful? To whom, and why?

The ICoCoforManagement of fertilizer is very fabulous and helpful Mostly to rural in habitants this is because rural in habitants depend on agriculture that other areas. The policy is very beneficial to Africa continent because it is the continent with higher percentage of Agriculture defendants and unfortunately with low level of Agriculture practices.

Does this Fertilizer Code of Conduct address all aspects necessary to ensure the responsible use of fertilizers, optimizing benefits while minimizing risks?

For it is good and have at list look to many aspects of beneficiaries but focus should be

Considered well. Example hiring some workers to vulgarize/sensibilize

Are there any topics or subject matter missing from this Fertilizer Code of Conduct? If so, what are they?

Quantitative and qualitative content topics should be formulated, i.e the quantity of fertilizer to be applied to which crop or what type of soils, the quantity of emulsion concentration (EC) of fertilizers, this is because some fertilizers are very concentrated and very toxic once mal-dozed. This is not promising to the local low trained users, in other words fertilizers should not be highly dozed complicated.

Are there redundancies or unnecessary items or subjects within this Code of Conduct? If so, what are they?

There are no very redundancies detected sofar, it is helping to many extents and so good, for sure the the team have done the best

Do you have any other suggestions or comments not covered in the above questions? If so, please elaborate.

I would have made comments but the zero-document is promising to help much

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