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Re: Addressing water scarcity in agriculture: how can indigenous or traditional practices help?

Vivian  Onyango

I just read on another platform an idea that links quite well with this discussion and that is the role of technology in enhancing or improving traditional/local approaches to water scarcity.

Still on pastoral communities where my initial comment was on the importance of negotiation of rights of access to water and pastures within and between communities, normally scouts would be sent in advance to the resource endowed areas to find out about availability then come back and inform their village elders who would then follow up with negotiations before communities would move to these areas for access.

Now, some good suggestions are being made on how technology is currently facilitating these practices and the opportunity to improve in the future exists. These include the role of mobile phones for facilitating communication, motor bikes for quick movement and also the role of satellite generated data that communities can access in real time in observing resource fluctuations and strengthening inter and intra community contacts to advise on when and how to move.