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Re: Effective multi-stakeholder dialogue and collaboration to improve the design, implementation and impact of Public-Private Partnerships in Africa’s agricultural sector

John Ede
John EdeOhaha Family FoundationNigeria

Firstly in parts of Nigeria where the bulk of the food is being produced, there is an upsurge in farmers/herders, clashes, some areas are seeing banditry and insurgency which will lead to hunger and malnutrition. 

 We are building a public-private partnership in Agriculture by working with local private business owners to mobilize material support and support of local traditional and religious leaders to open up the communities to external services. 

Because the majority of the farmers are afraid to travel a long distance to the farms, we are engaging with security agencies and vigilante groups for security surveillance as a proactive measure to ensure to forestall breakdown of law and order in the farming communities. 

Private business owners and non-state funded research groups are the main players in the agricultural business in Nigeria, including the supply of fertilizer and other hybrids products. 

There is a need for greater participation and collaboration between local actors and farmers to increase PPP in Agrio-business