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Policy outreach and communications - what works for improving food security and nutrition at the country level?

The challenge

Technical notes, research reports, policy briefs, etc. on food security and nutrition (FSN) are often targeted at decision-makers and aim at contributing to evidence-based policy making. However the degree to which the FSN information produced is actually used by decision makers, and influences policy making, remains unclear. 

Through this forum we would like to explore the factors that contribute to our evidence and knowledge actually being used in policy making processes – in particular at the country and regional level.

We have prepared an optional template for capturing your success story which we encourage you to use.

The purpose of this discussion: collect case studies and concrete examples of successful policy outreach

We would like to gather concrete examples of how the FSN information produced by your organization has been used by policy makers and influenced policy dialogue and decisions in your country or region. We would like you to think of factors such as:

  • What innovative strategies and channels have you used to reach policy makers and get feedback on their emerging needs? 

  • Have you ever significantly changed your communication or policy outreach strategy? How did you change it? Did you get better results? 

  • What role do intermediaries (the media, “champions” in the government, etc.) play in helping you communicate your recommendations to policy makers? 

  • If you are a policy maker or user of FSN information, how do you communicate your information needs to the information producers? What should information producers consider when trying to increase the use of their evidence by policy makers?

More than anything we would like to hear your success stories about what actually worked in terms of your information being used by policy makers! 

How we will use the information that comes out of this forum discussion

After the discussion closes we will compile concrete examples and a list of recommendations for making sure the FSN information we produce contributes to evidence based policy making. This document will be available through this website and sent to forum participants.

Looking forward to meeting you online!

Facilitators of the discussion:
Denise Melvin (Communications and Outreach Officer, FAO),
Renata Mirulla (Policy Dialogue Officer, FAO)
and Cordelia Salter (Communications Coordinator for the Committee on World Food Security, FAO)

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