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The Committee for World Food Security (CFS)

The Committee for World Food Security (CFS) is the United Nations’ forum for reviewing and following up on policies concerning world food security. It also examines issues which affect the world food situation. It was established as a result of the food crisis of the 1970s, upon recommendation from the 1974 World Food Conference. In the 35th Session the members of CFS have agreed on a wide-ranging reform that aims to make CFS the foremost inclusive international and intergovernmental platform dealing with food security and nutrition and to be a central component in the evolving Global Partnership for Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition. The CFS reforms are designed to focus the Committee’s vision and role on the global coordination of efforts to eliminate hunger and ensure food security for all. This includes supporting national anti-hunger plans and initiatives; ensuring that all relevant voices are heard in the policy debate on food and agriculture; strengthening linkages at regional, national and local levels; and basing decisions on scientific evidence and state of the art knowledge.

The Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition

The Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (also know as FSN Forum is a well established global platform for online discussions and consultations on food security and nutrition. Launched in 2007 by FAO’s Agricultural Development Economics Division (ESA), the Forum counts today a worldwide community of over 3700members with diverse expertise and professional background, tied together by the interest in fighting hunger and malnutrition. Further to online discussions on a wide range of topics the Forum is becoming instrumental for carrying out consultations that are relevant to the global food security governance agenda.