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Topic: Climate change


Climate Change and Food Security: setting the track for the HLPE

Food and nutrition insecurity and climate change are, more than ever, the two major global challenges humanity is facing. These challenges are inextricably linked, and so should be the world’s responses. The High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition (HLPE) is conducting a study on climate change to facilitate and inform the policy decision-making of CFS members and invites you to provide your views on the aspects that should be considered.

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Climate‐responsive Social Protection

In the years ahead, development efforts aiming at reducing vulnerability will increasingly have to factor in climate change, and social protection is no exception. This paper sets out the case for climate‐responsive social protection and proposes a framework with principles, design features, and...

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A food security perspective to livestock and the environment

The main premise of this essay is that an early escape from hunger is not primarily the result of private decisions in response to free-market forces. Improved food security stems directly from a set of government policies that integrate the food economy into a development strategy that seeks...

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