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Harnessing the benefits of ecosystem services for effective ecological intensification in agriculture

The next few decades will witness a rapidly increasing demand for agricultural products. This growing demand needs to be met largely through intensification (produce more from the same land surface) because there is little scope for an increase in agricultural area. Ecological intensification - the optimization of all provisioning, regulating and supporting ecosystem services in the agricultural production process - has been proposed as a promising solution. The aim of this discussion is to foster a dialogue on emerging knowledge from research on ecological intensification.

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Resilience Measurement Principles – Toward an Agenda for Measurement Design

FSIN Technical Series No.1

The Food Security Information Network (FSIN) supports the development and harmonization of methods and tools for food and nutrition security analysis. A technical working group composed of renowned experts was constituted to lead the development of a common analytical framework and technical guidelines for resilience measurement.

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