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Resilience and development: mobilizing for transformation

In 2014, the Third International Conference on the resilience of social-ecological systems chose the theme “resilience and development: mobilizing for transformation.” The conference aimed specifically at fostering an encounter between the experiences and thinking focused on the issue of...

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Wholesome Nutrition: an example for a sustainable diet

by Karl von Koerber, Nadine Bader and Claus Leitzmann
Working Group Sustainable Nutrition, Mutter-Teresa-Strasse 20, 81829 Munich, Germany 

Institute of Nutritional Sciences, Justus Liebig University Giessen,

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Adopting a Territorial Approach to Food Security and Nutrition Policy

Many policies to combat food insecurity have neglected to take into account the territorial dimension of this issue. The nature of food insecurity varies significantly across urban and rural regions as well as across different territories. If policies are to be effective, they must also reflect...

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Harnessing the benefits of ecosystem services for effective ecological intensification in agriculture

The next few decades will witness a rapidly increasing demand for agricultural products. This growing demand needs to be met largely through intensification (produce more from the same land surface) because there is little scope for an increase in agricultural area. Ecological intensification - the optimization of all provisioning, regulating and supporting ecosystem services in the agricultural production process - has been proposed as a promising solution. The aim of this discussion is to foster a dialogue on emerging knowledge from research on ecological intensification.