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Food Security and Nutrition resources

FAO Policy Portal

FAO is committed to strengthening its engagement and impact at policy level in order to meet the challenges presented by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and within our own strategic framework.

The FAO policy portal provides a gateway to FAO policy and governance work on the...

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Food Security and Nutrition resources

2017 Global food policy report

IFPRI’s flagship report reviews the major food policy issues, developments, and decisions of 2016, and highlights challenges and opportunities for 2017 at the global and regional levels. This year’s report looks at the impact of rapid urban growth on food security and nutrition, and considers...

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Food Security and Nutrition in APEC Economies. Sharing lessons learned and looking into the future

This discussion is aimed at food security practitioners from all across the globe to discuss how food security can be improved in Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) economies and beyond. Your inputs will feed into the APEC Food Security Training and Workshop hosted by the Chinese Academy of Agriculture Sciences in Beijing.


What are Latin American countries doing to tackle the double burden of malnutrition effectively?

The main purpose of this joint Red ICEAN & FSN Forum effort is taking stock of and capitalizing on what countries in Latin America are doing, to effectively address the double burden of malnutrition. The discussion will be an opportunity to exchange ideas, share resources and gain a common understanding on this complex issue.