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Geographic determinants of rice self-sufficiency in Southeast Asia

Rice self-sufficiency is a key objective of most Asian governments, yet attaining that objective has been elusive for several countries over extended periods of time; long-term status as an exporter or importer is relatively constant, and is altered only by revolutionary events (i.e., major...

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Pakistan - Priority areas for investment in the agricultural sector

Pakistan has great potential in agriculture. About 27 percent of the total 79.6 million hectares of the country is under cultivation. Agriculture contributes about 24 percent of the GDP and employs 47 percent of the labour force. Most subsectors of agriculture have either remained static or have...

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Making agriculture work for nutrition: Prioritizing country-level action, research and support

There is now considerable interest among international development organizations and practitioners in agriculture programming and policy to improve nutrition. This discussion is an opportunity to review the substantial international dialogue on improving nutrition through food and agriculture, to identify the research gaps and to distil and prioritize the actions needed at country-level.