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Topic: Crisis

Food Security and Nutrition resources

COVID-19 and the risk to food supply chains: How to respond?

As the COVID-19 pandemic turns into a global crisis, countries are taking measures to contain the pandemic.

Supermarket shelves remain stocked for now. But a protracted pandemic crisis could quickly put a strain on the food supply chains, which is a complex web of interactions involving...

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Food Security and Nutrition resources

Disaster risk reduction at farm level: Multiple benefits, no regrets

This report presents the findings of a multi-year FAO study undertaken on over 900 farms in ten different countries that measured, using field data, benefits gained through the use of innovative farming practices designed to boost the resilience of farmers in the face of natural disasters and...

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Food Security and Nutrition resources

Monitoring food security in countries with conflict situations

The report provides an overview of the magnitude, severity and drivers of acute food insecurity in eight countries and regions that have the world’s highest burden of people in need of emergency food, nutrition and livelihood assistance as a result of protracted...

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What story can Small Island Developing States (SIDS) tell on addressing the relationship between poverty and climate change?

The Small Island Developing States (SIDS)  share unique and particular vulnerabilities, resulting in a complex set of environmental, food security and nutrition challenges. Learning from SIDS on how they cope with climate change related impacts in these respects, could be instrumental to not only other Small States but also to the rest of the world. The results gathered here will feed into an ongoing work to support countries to address the interrelation between poverty and climate change in coastal areas, coastal communities and SIDS.

Food Security and Nutrition resources

Early Warning Early Action report on food security and agriculture

The Early Warning Early Action (EWEA) report on food security and agriculture is developed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) through its EWEA. The system aims to translate forecasts and early warnings into anticipatory action.

This report specifically...

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Outputs of discussions and consultations

Rural migration, agriculture and rural development

This FSN Forum brief is based on the September-October 2017 online discussion Rural migration, agriculture and rural development, facilitated by Andrea Cattaneo of FAO. Participants in 28 countries commented on the draft annotated outline of the 2018 edition of The State of Food and Agriculture...

Food Security and Nutrition resources

Africa Regional Overview of Food Security and Nutrition report​​​​​​​

This year's report features the theme: "The Food Security and Nutrition - Conflict Nexus: Building Resilience for Food Security, Nutrition and Peace".   

The report indicates that during the first decade of the millinium,  sub-Saharan Africa made sound progress in the fight against...

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