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Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition • FSN Forum

Topic: Household food security

Food Security and Nutrition resources

Regional Africa overview of Food Security and Nutrition

This year’s edition of the Africa Regional Overview of Food Security and Nutrition reports that the food security situation on the continent continues to worsen. For Africa, 20.4 percent of the continent’s population – 257 million people – are undernourished, up from 19.7 in 2016 – 241 million...

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Eggs: harnessing their power for the fight against hunger and malnutrition

In this discussion, organized jointly with the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), we are looking at the role that eggs can play in effectively tackling malnutrition.

What are the best production mechanisms? How can egg consumption be encouraged in a sustainable way? How to balance the interests of better nutrition with concerns about smallholder livelihoods?

Outputs of discussions and consultations

Rural migration, agriculture and rural development

This FSN Forum brief is based on the September-October 2017 online discussion Rural migration, agriculture and rural development, facilitated by Andrea Cattaneo of FAO. Participants in 28 countries commented on the draft annotated outline of the 2018 edition of The State of Food and Agriculture...