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Cash Transfers and Resilience: Strengthening Linkages Between Emergency Cash Transfers and National Social Transfer Programmes in the Sahel - Discussion Paper

This discussion paper has been inspired by the exchanges that took place during the course of the learning event. It seeks to extend the discussion to include other actors working within the region, as well as in other regions confronted with the same questions. It proposes an initial approach...

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Agenda for Action for Addressing Food Insecurity in Protracted Crises

Protracted crises situations are those in which food insecurity and malnutrition are particularly severe, persistent and at scale. This discussion seeks feedback on the zero draft of the Agenda for Action for Addressing Food Insecurity in Protracted Crises and will contribute to the preparation of the First Draft.


What is the role of social relations and networks in household food security and nutrition?

The ability to access and consume nutritious food is to some extent an outcome of their membership and relationships with other members of society. This is especially true in times of crises. To identify and discuss success stories, challenges and way forward to achieving food and nutritional security, this discussion focuses on social relations and networks for food security and nutrition.