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Familiy Nutrition Guide

The Family Nutrition Guide is a practical guide that aims to improve the feeding and nutrition of families in developing countries. It is primarily written for health workers, nutritionists, agricultural extensionists or other development workers who design nutrition education materials and...


Street foods: the way forward for better food safety and nutrition

Street foods make up a significant part of the dietary intake of many and provide food generally not used at home such as fruits and vegetables, which serve as healthy complements to the diet. In order to maximize the positive impact of street foods, what can be done to increase the vendors’ food hygiene knowledge and practices and make sure their role is properly recognized by local authorities?

Food Security and Nutrition resources

Edible insects in LAO PDR

An innovative FAO's Project is promoting sustainable insects farming and harvesting for better food security and improved nutrition in LAO PDR. A recent FAO survey found out that over 95% of the population already consumes insects in a way or another. The insects high vitamin and protein content...

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Food Security and Nutrition resources

The nutrition transition: a gender perspective with reference to Brazil

The concept of the 'nutrition transition' is widely used to explain the recent, rapid rise in overweight and obesity, and the co-existence of under- and over-nutrition, in low-income populations in 'middle-income' developing countries. This article provides an overview of the changes occurring...

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