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The political economy of pro-poor growth

Pro-poor growth — growth that benefits the poor — relies on the state providing an enabling policy environment. Evidence from East Asia, where pro-poor growth has occurred, suggests that the government’s role in enabling such growth has resulted from the provision of public goods and social...

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Street foods: the way forward for better food safety and nutrition

Street foods make up a significant part of the dietary intake of many and provide food generally not used at home such as fruits and vegetables, which serve as healthy complements to the diet. In order to maximize the positive impact of street foods, what can be done to increase the vendors’ food hygiene knowledge and practices and make sure their role is properly recognized by local authorities?


Social Protection for Food Security: HLPE consultation on the V0 draft of the Report

Social protection has risen rapidly up the development policy agenda in the last decade. Although increasingly dominated by conditional and unconditional cash transfer programmes, the wide range of instruments that aim to alleviate poverty and manage livelihood risks often have direct, intended implications for food security.

E-learning Course: Introduction to Social Safety Nets

The course provides an overview of Social Safety Net programmes and systems and how they are used and customized according to different contexts. It also introduces the key processes for designing and implementing Social Safety Net programmes

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