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Topic: Training Material

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A Vegetable Garden for All

A practical guide for setting up family gardens for the production of nutritious, safe food crops, that would contribute to the diets of populations affected by food insecurity

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Advancing Agroforestry on the Policy Agenda - A guide for decision-makers

These guidelines are aimed primarily at all those involved in making policies at national and regional levels, such as decision-makers, civil servants and key policy advisors. Their function is to support increased recognition of agroforestry benefits, facilitate the development of policies promoting agroforestry systems and educate those that constrain agroforestry at the national level.
The guidelines present a set of principles rather than prescribed methods. They advise how to integrate agroforestry into policies, particularly helping countries to formulate policies for their specific conditions. They provide examples of good practices and success stories, as well as lessons learned from challenges and failures.

They are designed as an entry point for policy creation or change. In cases where agroforestry policy is completely absent, they can assist in creating awareness of agroforestry systems and show how, through innovative policy design taking trees, crops and animal production into account, policy issues can be addressed. In other cases, where agroforestry is recognized in policy frameworks, the guidelines can assist in improving the economic, social and policy context, so that incentives for practising agroforestry are strengthened.

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Caja de Herramientas para la Seguridad Alimentaria

Los profesionales en el campo de la seguridad alimentaria se dan cuenta cada vez más de la necesidad de hacer uso estratégico de las comunicaciones para lograr el máximo impacto. Aunque la mayoría de las organizaciones han invertido mucho en el análisis e investigación sobre la seguridad alimentaria, muchas todavía necesitan mejorar sus comunicaciones para asegurar que los resultados de su trabajo lleguen a los usuarios deseados, y que se tomen acciones.

La presente caja de herramientas está diseñada para ayudar a los profesionales de la seguridad alimentaria a desarrollar una estratégica de comunicación, y a comunicarse más eficazmente con los grupos que son el blanco de sus esfuerzos. Secciones específicas de la caja de herramientas enfocan a los formuladores de políticas y a los medios, dado el rol importante que estos juegan en la implementación las políticas de seguridad alimentaria, y en influir en dichas políticas.



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On-farm practices for the safe use of wastewater in urban and peri-urban horticulture

This training handbook is a field guide for training urban and peri-urban vegetable  farmers in safe practices when using wastewater in vegetable production. It is  designed to provide complete information, knowledge and skills for safer and successful production of vegetables in urban and peri-urban farming systems. Once you have gained this knowledge, we urge you to share the knowledge and skills you have gained with other farmers in your neighbourhood, so that they too can produce
cleaner and healthy vegetables.