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Mr. Tozie Zokufa South Africa Pan African Animal Welfare Alliance
Ms. Caroline Chane Australia The University of Melbourne
Future of Agricultural Economics ECN 4103 Group 2 Guyana University Of Guyana
I am currently working on:

Agricultural Economics 2 (ECN 4103)Project in fulfillment of the Bachelor's of Social Science Degree in Economics.

Ms. Diana Erskine Guyana University of Guyana
Prof. laila hussein Egypt national research centrer - Dept Nutrition
I am currently working on:

The evaluation of probiotics and traditional Egyptian fermented sobya and impact of restoration among marginalized youths and colon metabolic activities - The objective is to overcome antibiotic resistant patogenic enterobacteria and meal development for the vulnerable groups of the population of the Egypt, in particular school children and preschool children with living under poor sanitation conditions

Victor Pinga United States of America SPRING Project
I am currently working on:

Agriculture-nutrition linkages

Prof. Osama Salih Saudi Arabia King Saud University
I am currently working on:

Nutrition and NCDs

Prof. Martin Gonzalez Colombia Universidad Libre
I am currently working on:

Proyectos de energías renovables

Barbara Schneeman United States of America University of California
I am currently working on:

Use of food-based dietary guidelines; nutrition labeling.

Dr. Sa'eed Bawa Trinidad and Tobago The University of the West Indies, St Augustine Campus
I am currently working on:

Food and Nutrition Security in the Caribbean as well as Prevention and Management of Childhood and Adolescence Obesity