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Viorica BOBOC Romania Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
I am currently working on:

Directorate General of Food Industry Market Organization Department


Main activities, experience and responsibilities

- Coordinator of working group the elaboration of a common strategy based on the potential area study, proposed by the Continuous Formative Centre for adults

- Technical assistance in the ecological agricultural field;

- Documentary studies regarding extension services from developed countries; popularization of the EU support for Romanian farmers; data basis setting up;

- Member and working group for elaboration SO - EQF - The Agriculture Sector Committee, Fishery and Fishing

- Head of poultry production and ecological  technologies of poultry nutrition The Association BIOAVIROM - Romania

I am currently researcher of the “postdoctoral school for zootechnic biodiversity and food biotechnology based on eco-economy and bio-economy necessary for eco-san-genesis” - The Romanian Academy – INCE – “Costin. C. Kiritescu” - Project POSDRU 89/1.5/S/63258.

The main objectives of the research:

1. Analysis of comparative research at the level of organizations or farms, both conventional and eco, referring to the application of integrated strategic management in order to obtain agro-food products that are safe for consumers in clean environment conditions;

2. Research regarding the application of integrated strategic management in agro-zootechnical ecosystems and the eco-efficiency of conversion in agro-food products

3. The construction of a transnational partnership in order to extend the research subject and identify an European financing program

Founding member NGOs from Romania:
- Romanian Association for Sustainable Agriculture - ARAD - 1999
- The Romanian Association of quail breeders - 2000
The association of Romanian biological poultry producers – BIOAVIROM - 2004
- We set Breeders Club Transylvanian Naked Neck chickens - hens to breed only in Romania, recognized in 1876 at an exhibition in Germany.
- Sectoral Committee Agriculture and Fishing Association - 2007
- The Association Terra Fouds - 2010

Member World Poultry Association

Mr. Tobias Bauer Italy WFP
I am currently working on:

WFP's Purchase for Progress initiative:

Mr. Christopher Mulindwa Uganda
I am currently working on:

I am working with Pig Production and Marketing Uganda Limited. Current chairman of Watubba Pig Farmers Association in Wakiso district, Nangabo subcounty.

Ms. Alexandra Rottger Italy FAO
I am currently working on:

sme development

Mr. crecencio elenes United States of America
I am currently working on:

Cooperative stremghtening, marketing,

Mr. Albert Omar Mruma United Republic of Tanzania Moshi University College of Cooperative and Bussiness Studies
I am currently working on:

A lecturer with Moshi University College of Cooperative and Business Studies

Dr. Abdelghani Souirji Senegal EWA
I am currently working on:

Backstopping cooperatives unions in Ethiopia and Senegal

Ms. jennifer thompson Ireland concern worldwide
Ms. Maria Elena Chavez Hertig Switzerland Cooperative Branch, International Labour Office (ILO)
Dr. Robert MWADIME Uganda Community Connector
I am currently working on:

I am currently the Chief of Party in a USAID|Uganda designed and funded nutrition and agriculture integrated 5-year project.