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Mr. Sébastien Paque Ecuador WFP
I am currently working on:


I´m working in Ecuador in the implementation of food and nutritional security projects, humanitarian food assistance, school feeding, local models of food purchase with smallholders, etc. 

Mr. Eric Sabourin Brazil CIRAD and University of Brasilia
I am currently working on:

- Family agriculture public policies in Latin America
- interaction between public rural policies and smallholdes organisation
- rural territorial development
- management of common pool resources

Prof. Denis Requier-Desjardins France Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Toulouse/LEREPS
I am currently working on:

Développement rural en Amérique Latine en particulier: Systèmes agroalimentaires localisés, diversification des activités, migration et développement rural Nouvelles formes d'agriculture d'entreprise en Amérique Latine

Mr. Phani Mohan K India Anagha Datta Trade
I am currently working on:


Ms. Ilaria Firmian Italy IFAD
I am currently working on:

Environment and Climate change related issues

Ms. Eva Maria Kraus Denmark University of Copenhagen
I am currently working on:

Preparing my master's thesis on a food security related issue in Burkina Faso

Ms. Cordelia Adamu Nigeria Business and Professional Women(BPW) Nigeria
I am currently working on:

Women community development project:Literacy and skills to enable them develop small sustainable businesses as a way of generating non-farm incomes ,enhancing family nutrition and health,reducing the felling of trees as the only alternative income activity currently existing in the community.

Ms. Liz Caselli-Mechael United States of America Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation at Fintrac Inc.
I am currently working on:

Identifying and commercializing agricultural technologies

Mr. Alexandre Maillet France
I am currently working on:

Evaluation of the adaptations to the Climate Change into breeding farm systems of Northern Alps: logics of change, costs and consequences for the sustainability

Mr. Xavier Meignien France International Institute of Refrigeration / Institut international du Froid
I am currently working on:

Food Security and Nutrition and the Cold Chain