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Mr. David Millar United States of America
I am currently working on:

Working with The Global FoodBanking Network to help expand and support food banks throughout the world.

Mr. Theogene Dusingizimana Rwanda Kigali Institute of Science and Technology
Ms. Rosalba Ortiz Norway Development Fund -Norway-
I am currently working on:

Climate adaptation and food security

Ms. Svetlana Livinets Russian Federation
I am currently working on:

I am currently carrying on with the activities related to World Bank-FAO-ECFS project in assisting the ECFS in facilitating the online consultations (Forum) in the area of Food Security aimed at strengthening Center’s Network capacity.

Ms. Barbara Degenhart Germany University of Bayreuth
I am currently working on:

Urban food systems and coping strategies of mid-sized cities in North-Western Ethiopia, the examples Bahir Dar and Mekele

Mr. Daniele De Bernardi Democratic Republic of the Congo
I am currently working on:

FS & Rur Dev programs

Mr. Rafael I Merchan United States of America Columbia University
I am currently working on:

The extend to which agricultural extension and advisory systems are integrating nutrition messages. Which countries are doing it, how, what are some of the challenges etc.

Dr. Leonard Mizzi Belgium
I am currently working on:

Sustainable agriculture