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Mr. Daniel Bornstein United States of America Dartmouth College
I am currently working on:

I am student studying agricultural development

Ms. Tara MacDonald Canada University of Ottawa
I am currently working on:

I recently completed a Master’s degree in International Development and Globalization with the University of Ottawa. The subject of my dissertation linked obesity, chronic non communicable diseases and food security with specific focus on the Caribbean. The research was based on a year spent in Barbados where I was an FOA volunteer consultant working with Garden Based Learning initiatives within the primary school system. This was followed by certification in Gender and Development with the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill campus. During my year in Barbados, I had the pleasure of interviewing a range of stakeholders including local farmers, agriculture specialists, and government extension officers from the Ministries of Agriculture, Education, Health, and Gender. I met many incredible people around the Caribbean who were committed to improving both agriculture and health. These people motivated me and developed a strong passion towards overcoming the challenges facing food and nutrition security in the region. I would very much like to work in this field, build and even stronger network, and continue to learn.

Thesis Title: Ignoring a Silent Killer: Obesity and Food Security in the Caribbean (Case Study: Barbados)

URL: (Click on the PDF link at the bottom of the page)

Mr. Justine Mwanje Uganda Uganda Forestry Association
I am currently working on:

A project to promote bee keeping, agro forestry and wood energy conservation for improved livelihoods and environment protection. It consists of two components. The first component is about bee keeping and agro forestry for improved livelihoods and environment protection. It involves sensitizing farmers on bee keeping and agro forestry, training farmers, setting up apiaries, establishing various agro forestry systems, processing, packaging and marketing products. The second component is about production of energy-saving stoves and briquettes from charcoal waste, for improved livelihoods and wood energy conservation. It includes carrying out MA&D, sensitizing farmers, training farmers, producing briquettes from charcoal waste, marketing the briquettes and stoves. Hopefully, the project will result in achievement of MDGs 1 and 7 in Kiboga District

Dr. Ballayram Ballayram Jamaica Caribbean Food & Nutrition Institute
I am currently working on:

Food and Nutrition

Dr. Marie-Claude Dop France Institut de Recherche pour le Développement
EconomistViews On-The-Go Guyana University of Guyana
Mr. Arnold Tanoy Philippines
Economic Agri Advisors EAA Guyana University Of Guyana
I am currently working on:

As a requirement for one of our courses - ECN 4103( Agricultural Economics 11), my group and I are required to register to this forum and make critical and analytical post on the discussion forum.

Kurt Henne Mozambique