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Dr. Juan Andrade United States of America University of Illinois, Urbana - Champaign
I am currently working on:

Micronutrient fortification, biosensors for micronutrient deficiency, food security and education abroad.

Mr. Paresh Gadhvi India Gujarat Livelihood Promotion Company Ltd.
I am currently working on:

Livelihood Sector in Gujarat(India)

Prof. Juan Fernando Rivera Gómez Rivera Gómez Colombia Universidad de Antioquia
I am currently working on:

Antropólogo - Especialista en Gestion de Programas y Proyectos de Cooperacion Internacional al Desarrollo. Universidad de Antioquia. Docente de Catedra e Investigador en la Universidad de Antioquia, Escuela de Nutricion y Dietética. 

Ms. Kale Celestine Ebabori Cameroon Federation of Environmental and Ecological Diversity for Agricultural Revampment and Human Rights
I am currently working on:

Youths and Human Rights

Mr. Javier Miguel Neira Alvarez Peru ITP
I am currently working on:

Fishery engineer with international specialization in processing technology of chilled and frozen fish products, seafood quality and quality assurance, total quality in production lines of seafood, establishment and implementation of harmonized sanitary measures applied in the context of international food trade.

Ms. Athena James United States of America
Mr. Samir Kumar Das India IMAECSED(International Movement fr Advancement of Education CultureSocial & Economic Development)
I am currently working on:

IMAECSED, an Indian based NGO of which I am the Principal Founder, Main Functionary and Chairman of the Organization. I am also practicing Advocate in the Apex Court of India as well a International Lawyer. Ex-Vice Chair of International Legal Consultant Committee of American Bar Association. I am an Human Rights Activists. Our NGO is associate with UN and many other International Org.We are working on Eradication of poverty, Rural & Agricultural Development, Sustainable Development,Human Rights, Child & Women Development,and various other activities. We received one very good reply from IFAD for our org. in the year 1996 but we could not implement that time. Now if we get this type of activities I hope, we can success on Agricultural development which is the main source of Food and Nutrition and also one of the main weapon to restrain Hunger.

Mr. Alexi Mendoza Spain Univesidad de Zaragoza
I am currently working on:

Realizando mi tesis Doctoral: Potencial del Sistema Agroforestal Quesungual para el Secuestro de Carbono en El Corredor Seco de Honduras y su Impacto en los Medios Vida de las Familias: Una Evaluación Ecológica y Socioeconómica para Involucrar a los pequeños productores a la Política Climática Global.

I am currently working on:

Public Health Nutrition priorities for developing countries