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Prof. Elliot Berry Israel
I am currently working on:

Mediterranean Diet, Food Security, Sustainability

Theresa B United Kingdom
Ms. Cynthia Pliego Mexico AgroDer SC
I am currently working on:

Water Reserves in Mexico, Adaptation to Climate Change, Water Forest Conservation Strategy near Mexico City, Netherlands-Mexico Cooperation for water and agriculture enhancement.

Dr. Emilie Prattico France BSR
I am currently working on:

Climate change and Agriculture

Michael Brander Switzerland Biovision Foundation
Mr. Wondu Mamo Kelbessa Ethiopia Addis Abaab University
I am currently working on:

Animal Health and Production, Food Safety and Human Nutrition

Ms. Leila Akinyi Kenya Ministry of Health
I am currently working on:

Healthy diets and lifestyle at policy level

Bonny Howie Austria Bonny Howie Holding
Prof. Mauricio Ramírez Ecuador UTPL
I am currently working on:

Trabajo como docente e investigador de la UTPL en Guayaquil, Ecuador
Soy voluntario del Banco de Alimentos Diakonia en Guayaquil, Ecuador

Dr. Wahyudi David Indonesia Universitas Bakrie
I am currently working on:

Nutritional Security, Food Security, Diettary Pattern