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Prof. Dure Samin Akram Pakistan Health Education and Literacy Programme
I am currently working on:

Mobile based technology for bcc in nutrition

Dr. Lassina FONDIO Côte d'Ivoire CNRA/Food Crops Research Station
I am currently working on:

Vegetables and legumes crops. I am an agronomist researcher currently working at the National Agricultural Research Centre as the Head of the Vegetables and Proteagineous Crops Research Programme based of the Food Crops Research Station of Bouake in the Central Côte d'Ivoire

I am currently working on:

I am an Agricultural Engineer, currently visiting scholar at MIT-DUSP, USA.

Mr. Samuel Nyakamba Kenya Kenya Community Nutrition Association
I am currently working on:


Dr. Sreedevi Shankar Kobaku India ICAR-Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture
I am currently working on:

Biofortification of Dryland Crops

Ms. Priyanka Anand India
I am currently working on:

ICT projects on agriculture

Mr. Henry Lugasira Uganda Women's Mission for children
I am currently working on:

Women’s Mission for children has invested $40,000 of its savings into agro-forestry in Busiro,Wakiso on a 30 hectare piece of land to stimulate community participation in environmental conservation efforts as a long a term investment whose return in future from these plantation forests could be in the range of more than $1M in 10-15 years’ time when soft wood will be supplied to the market. The decision to invest in this was to help recover lost forest cover and mitigate environmental degradation and contribute to micro climate such as rainfall and oxygen as well as motivate community participation in environmental conservation projects of every household planting 5 trees every year as a simple campaign.

Dr. Sarah Kehoe United Kingdom University of Southampton
I am currently working on:

Linking agriculture with nutrition in Maharashtra State by studying fruit and vegetable value chains. The aim is to identify barriers and facilitators to consumption of these foods among women and to design nutrition-sensitive interventions to increase intakes of fruit and vegetables.

Mysbah Balagamwala United States of America
Mr. Victor Vargassullca Peru UNSAAC-CUSCO
I am currently working on:

Estoy trabajando en temas de adaptación al cambio climático en la municipalidad de Echarati La convención Cusco