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Dr. Vaishali Joshi India
I am currently working on:

Aquaculture for food security in Maharashtra, India.

gustave Cirhigiri Democratic Republic of the Congo ministry of Agriculture and rural development
I am currently working on:

Identifying and availing practical solutions to accessing farming capital in rural areas.

Ms. Muhbira Tyuryaeva Tajikistan New generation
I am currently working on:

Youth civil education, women empowerment, decent work concept development, income generation possibilities

Ms. Farzaneh Barak Canada McGill Institute for Global Food Security - MCGILL UNIVERSITY
I am currently working on:

Growing Nutrition For Mothers and Children in Ethiopia

Dr. Giorgiana Martínezgarnelo y Calvo Spain Jóvenes x México®
I am currently working on:

Food Security in Youth.
PhD in Politic Science (International Relations) Complutense University of Madrid, Spain, European Doctor (Cum Laude), Master in International Trade and Economy at the European University of Madrid; Master in International Relations at the Complutense University of Madrid and Diploma in Political Science at Harvard University. President of the International Platform for education JóvenesxMéxico®. A member and founder of various international institutions such as FLACSO, Spain; AEPDIRI Spain; AMEI in Mexico, among others. She has published numerous articles and has participated in several congresses, conferences and seminars around the world, such as in Spain, Romania, United States and Mexico.

Her research and teaching focuses on European and Latin American Integration process. Foreign Policy, Diplomacy, Security and Defence. An extensive background as a consultant for public and private institutions; her major clients being governments and international institutions, finding solutions to solve some of society’s most challenging problems at the critical intersection of the public and private sectors.

Mr. Eloy SOGLOHOUN Benin Institut Polytechnique LaSalle Beauvais ESITPA
I am currently working on:

Les Techniques de Collaboration et de plaidoyer pour la Sécurité Alimentaire

Ms. Salam Al-Nukta Syrian Arab Republic UNFPA
Ms. Kristi Tabaj United States of America Save the Children
I am currently working on:

Facilitating knowledge sharing among USAID and implementing partners with a focus on gender and food security.

Dr. Halshka Graczyk Switzerland Institute of Work and Health
I am currently working on:

Occupational safety and health for young workers

Mr. Zakaria Zakaria Ghana Yurlim Foundation
I am currently working on:

Working with Yurth in agriculture