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Prof. Coen J. Ritsema Netherlands Wageningen University
I am currently working on:

soil degradation and conservation

Mr. Mohamed Farah Mohamed Somalia URDO
I am currently working on:

We Urban and Rural Development Organization URDO International pray to request for partnership and funding to your office with view to implementing the humanitarian and development program in Somalia,

URDO-international is non-governmental organization committed to creating better opportunities for youth & Women, Security and Social Justice and Civic Participation creation, sustainable and transitional Development and educational programs for conflict and post conflict communities. Main agenda is transitional and stabilization engagements with the society through reinsertion, reintegration and rehabilitation of the ex-combatants away from violent and illegal economies into peaceful, sustainable status for long term development, Social justice, security and safety of the society across geographical and clan settings in South and Central Somalia.

We undertake peace-making and peace-building in the region. URDO International Strengthening Community Resilience against Extremism We work in concert with children associated with and affected by violence and war, women and Girls are the main beneficiaries in our projects in Somalia, and Kenya URDO has donated books and other learning materials to learning and vocational centers in Juba-land to enhance reintegration and economic kick-up.

In Somalia URDO International has implemented intervention projects in Nutrition funded by UNICEF in 2010-2013 in Sakow District-Juba-land. URDO International completed an integrated WASH and Livelihood project in Kismayu, December 2013 funded by ICRC. URDO delights in enhancing the food security and agricultural sectors in South Central Somalia through distribution of farming and fishing tools, equipments and inputs to the targeted populations. We coordinate this sector with UNFAO and local authorities. We work with and target IDPs, Returnees, Repatriatees, Refugees and local communities particularly Women, Children, the Youth and Aged persons

Dr. Gordon Prain Peru International Potato Center
I am currently working on:

Supporting uptake of biofortified crops and diversification of agri-food systems

Dr. Tom GULYA United States of America USDA-ARS Sunflower Research Unit
I am currently working on:

REtired, after 35 years as a sunflower pathologist for the USDA-Ag Research Service in Fargo, North Dakota, USA.

Ms. Martina Hickethier Switzerland SDC
I am currently working on:

Agriculture, Food Security, rural-urban linkages, ecological agriculture, monitoring, land governance

Philip Louis United States of America DukeMeds.Com
I am currently working on:


Ms. Genna Tesdall United States of America The Pennsylvania State University, International Association of Agriculture and Related Sciences Students (IAAS)
I am currently working on:

My master’s thesis will continue part of my work with IAAS, which focuses on youth involvement with FAO. Both FAO and youth organizations recognize youth are underrepresented in and lack understanding of FAO, which is an important barrier to youth attraction to and success in agriculture, and ultimately key to the future of food security. However, FAO and youth organizations do not have a comprehensive understanding of the ways FAO is currently working with youth and how both can improve their work with youth. For my master’s thesis, I will map the actors in FAO working with youth, their scope, and their impact.

I am currently working on:

Youth Livelihood

I am currently working on:

Providing support to orphans and vulnerable children in rural areas.

Mr. Aulia Perdana Indonesia World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)
I am currently working on:

Agroforestry product value chains, smallholder enterprise development and farm entrepreneurship