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Mr. Murasi Mulupi Murasi Kenya Kenya Red Cross Society I am currently working on:

Food Security and Livelihood project in Lamu East county of Kenya bordering Somalia. The project targets one of the last forest communities in Kenya-the Boni, who were predominantly hunters and gatherers. Honey is a major component of their diet which they gather from the wild. Lately with the government's declaration of Dudori forest as game reserve and nature conservancy, the Boni felt the shock of sudden change from their normal way of life. Having no back ground in agriculture and food production, this evacuation from the forests and resettlement into villages made them vulnerable to food insecurity and poverty due to deprived source of livelihood. This project seeks to enhance their resilience to the vagaries of drought and poverty through identification and adoption of alternative livelihood sources. Moreover it seeks to improve food availability and quality by diversifying food sources and promotion of drought tolerant crops. As such breeds of livestock and domestic birds with high resistance to drought conditions will be introduced for adoption by the community. The people will also be sensitized on the importance of natural resources at their disposal, the most predominant being the Indian ocean. The project looks to promote fish and crab farming as alternative sources of livelihood and quality food. The project implementation period is twenty four months until December 2013, with possible period extension.