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Mr. Md Ramim Tanver Rahman China Jiangnan University, Wuxi, China
I am currently working on:

My research interest focus on the separation and the antimicrobial activity ( QS, Biofilm)of natural functional ingredients, Nutrition, New Products Development, Novel Processing line establishment, Quality Control parameters evaluation etc

Laura Whitwell United Kingdom
Ms. Grace Lyn Higdon United States of America student
Dr. Dono Abdurazakova Hungary FAO REU
I am currently working on:

Social protection, gender equality, poverty reduction, rural development

waddilove sansole Zimbabwe SNV
Mr. Mazhar Rafique Pakistan National Agricultural Research Center Islamabad
I am currently working on:

Soil microbiology including Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) and mycorrhizae. Moreover Biochar is also my key interest. I m doing all this for the food security.

Ms. Sharmistha DasBarwa Afghanistan
I am currently working on:

Developing the project document for the second phase of the "Strengthening the Role of Women in Agriculture" FAO propoject.

Mr. akbar Shahristani Afghanistan NA
I am currently working on:

food security and nutrition policy

Prof. Maria Almeida Portugal
I am currently working on:

Tropical agricultural products