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Ms. Rosangela Osejo Baca Nicaragua Instituto CIDEA-UCA Universidad Centroamericana
I am currently working on:

Coordinadora del Organismo de Inspección del Instituto de Capacitación, Investigación y Desarrollo Ambiental.

Mr. Walter Alberto Orozco Montiel Nicaragua Instituto CIDEA/Universidad Centroamericana UCA
I am currently working on:

Técnico de Proyecto del Instituto CIDEA-UCA

Dr. Tamasin Ramsay United States of America Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University
I am currently working on:

Sustainable Yogic Agriculture.

Rene McGuffin United States of America
Dr. Zainul Abedin Bangladesh IRRI
I am currently working on:

Technology development and transfer,including homegardens, diversified and integrated farmng systems nutritin through rice. I am also working on community-based organizations for sustaibale adoption of technologies.

Ms. Huang Jiaqi China Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
I am currently working on:

Food consumption and nutrition in poverty areas

Dr. Kirk Dearden United States of America Boston University, Department of International Health
I am currently working on:

Integration of nutrition and agriculture programs.

Dr. Amy Beaudreault United States of America The Sackler Institute for Nutrition Science, New York Academy of Sciences
I am currently working on:

I am the Associate Director for The Sackler Institute for Nutrition Research at the New York Academy of Science. I have a background in Agricultural Education and Extension, public health, and communication.

Dr. Nana Thiombiano Ghana food and nutrition center
I am currently working on:

perception traditionnelle de l'alimentation et de la nutrition
Valorisation des mets locaux
Repertoires des ustensils et techniques traditionnelles de transformation et de conservation des aliments
Réflexion sur la promotion de bonne habitudes alimentaires à tous les stades de la vie en famille, en communauté (crèches, écoles, services publics et/ou privé)
Réflexion sur comment inclure les objectifs nutritionnels dans tous les projets et programmes de développement? (perception traditionnelle)