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Mr. Mark Ross New Zealand Agcarm
I am currently working on:

crop protection and animal health remedies

Prof. ALI ABDALRAHMAN Egypt Arab Union for Sustainable Development&Environment(AUSDE)
I am currently working on:

Dear Gentlemen,
We are the Arab Union for Sustainable Development & Environment (AUSDE), the Union of two types of care in all aspects of the environment and sustainable development in the Arab States and the Union recorded the Economic unanimous Council of the United Nations, and is also listed in the Arab League, and also registered in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with headquarters in the Arab Republic of Egypt , and we have branches in many Arab countries.
We have learned that your organization esteemed of the annexation of powerful organizations in the entire world, so it is important for us to be cooperation between the Arab Union for Sustainable Development & Environment and your institution esteemed for the sustainable development and environment in the Arab region and also globally, and we're ready this cooperation, both technical cooperation or financial legal, or what you see suitable for any form of cooperation.
Please be always at contact
Arab Union for Sustainable Development & Environment (AUSDE)
Arab Republic of Egypt
Mobile: 0100573585, Tel: 24099412, Fax: 24099412

Dr. Jacqueline Fletcher France
I am currently working on:

I am a permaculturist and I'm working on using permaculture in urban environments. There are many potential uses of permaculture as a sustainable source of food that equally enhances biodiversity and renders urban environments more resilient. Permaculture is a science in the sense that it is empirical and it is social in the sense that its three ethics are: Earth Care, People Care and Fair Shares. Permaculture has been used to reconstitute degraded land and combat desertification in Third-World countries as well as phyto-remediation of polluted land in cities and also in producing an adequate food supply in the face of sudden peak oil (Cuba in the early 1990s). Resilient communities must have both food security and food sovereignty and this means that food production must be put into the hands of small-scale, organic and local food producers rather than the big agri-businesses and the biotech industry. So, permaculture as rural agriculture, i.e. creating agriculture as ecosystems maintaining biodiversity, and urban permaculture projects, rooftop and balcony gardening, community gardening, urban beekeeping are crucial not only to supplying cities with food but equally to reconnecting their denizens with nature. At present I'm working on projects in Brussels.

Ms. Gitte Dyrhagen Husager Denmark DanChurchAid
I am currently working on:

Right to food (access, availability and adequacy), principles for responsible investments in agriculture, food security and smallhold farmers' access to markets

Mr. Stefano Battain Italy ACTED
I am currently working on:

Food Security and Nutrition project in Warrap State South Sudan funded by OFDA/USAID

Prof. Mireya Betancur Acosta Colombia Universidad de Antioquia
I am currently working on:

Nutrición, seguridad alimentaria, promoción y prevención, proyectos de protección social.

Mr. Susanta Kumar Balabantaray India PRASTUTEE
I am currently working on:

Secretary of PRASTUTEE at Koraput,Odisha State ,India . PRASTUTEE as a NGO working with the hilly tribal community in their food security , health and Governance development .

Patricia Caporaso United States of America Food for development / Gergetown University
I am currently working on:

Food security in South Africa and LAT. Vulnerable population and access to markets