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Ms. Nelly-Diane Alemfack Efozo Cameroon Young Volunteers for Environment
I am currently working on:

improve communities acces to food security throught natural sesources

I am currently working on:


Ms. Fernande Abanda Cameroon Ministere de la recherche Scientifique et de l'Innovation/ departement des études environnementales et économique/CNE
I am currently working on:

- Les approches communales de gestion des produits forestiers non ligneux, particulièrement le Gnetum et la gomme arabique.
-Exploitation des produits forestiers non Ligneux et développement durable des localités riveraines des forêts camerounaises
- Changements Climatiques et vulnérabilité: études des approches sexo-spécifiques et ethno-spécifique du droit d'accès aux ressources forestières dans le bassin du Congo. Sachant que la politique internationale sur les changements climatiques préconise des traitements différenciés en fonction du niveau de développement et de vulnérabilité des Etats, il s'agit de savoir si les Etats en développement tiennent également compte des échelles de vulnérabilité (Population Autochtone,femme) dans leur politique régionale et nationale de gestion des ressources naturelles, particulièrement les ressources forestières.

Mr. manuel coronel Ecuador universidad tecnológica equinoccial
I am currently working on:

Docencia e investigación.

Mr. Cojocia Ionut Romania PUB
I am currently working on:

Vehicle electric process software engineer an PR at

Titanji Abanda Nwachan Cameroon CYJULERC
I am currently working on:

presently working on a micro credit scheme. Through this program, the community : particularly organized womens groups in the local village communities are empowered entrepreneurially for the development of their homes and villages

Ms. Sara Savoie Italy FAO
I am currently working on:

Agroforestry adoption
Agroforestry policy development
Agroforestry in climate change adaptation and mitigation
Highland agroforestry
Rural development

Mr. Giuseppe Amato Zimbabwe COSV
I am currently working on:

EU funded food security project

Maria Eugenia Rinaudo Mannucci Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) Our Opportunity in Climate Change
I am currently working on:

I have a Degree in Environmental Studies. Research of climate change, food security and sustainability. Foundress of "Our Opportunity in Climate Change". I have developed the educational program in Venezuela called: "The climate is changing, and you?" I was Delegate of the EU during the COP-16 in Mexico, 2010 (United Nations Conference on Climate Change) and Delegate fof Venezuela during the 6th. World Youth Congress in Brazil, 2012 (in the context of Rio +20 (UN Conference on Sustainable Development).

Mr. Carlos Manuel Barco Blanco Peru Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos