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Mr. Jude Kitoko Congo Caritas developpement
I am currently working on:

la lutte contre l'insécurité alimentaire: Production et multiplication des semences saines, Prévention de la malnutrition des femmes enceintes et enfants de moins de deux ans

Moussa Na Abou Mamouda Senegal ENDA TM
I am currently working on:

Climate Change Adaptation and Food Security in the Sahel with case studies on Senegal and Niger. I am specifically working on community coping mechanisms to ensure food security in a changing climate. These coping mechanisms include the activation of social networks and traditional institutions as well as developing indigenous technologies. One of the emerging conclusion of this work is that policy makers should learn from these community coping mechanisms to build sustainable adaptation strategies and resilience.

Ms. Areeba Ansari Pakistan University of Karachi
Ms. Claire HEINISCH France Agrocampus Ouest
Ms. Claudia Falabella Argentina Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial
I am currently working on:

Agrofoods -Industrial Processing and Innovation

Ms. Zita Farkas Hungary Care&Cater
I am currently working on:

Eco catering

Prof. Zob Mouk United Kingdom
I am currently working on:


Ms. Catalina Romero Leclercq Colombia Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
I am currently working on:

Save Food the Global Initiative on food loss and waste reduction