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Ms. Solange Heise Niger FAO
I am currently working on:

l'integration de la nutrition et de la sécurité alimentaire dans les programmes de résilience au Niger

Mr. Abdoulaye WADE Senegal Plan Sénégal
I am currently working on:

La Nutrition
Les situations d'urgence

Mr. jalal arfaei Iran (Islamic Republic of) central organization of rural cooparatives
I am currently working on:

head quarter of marketing and progeraming

Mr. Xavier Poncin Madagascar World Food Programme
Ms. Senay Yemane United Kingdom
I am currently working on:

I'm currently in the process of completing a BSc. in Human Nutrition.

Prof. Ted Greiner Republic of Korea Hanyang University and Natural Resources Institute, Greenwich University
I am currently working on:

Teaching and research related to international nutrition.

Mr. Isaiah Okere Nigeria Institute of Agricultural Research And Training, Obafemi Awolowo University, Moor Plantation, Ibadan, Nigeria
I am currently working on:

I about to conduct a survey with a view to identifying the problem encountered by the fast food restaurants; fresh and cooked meat problems in the Southwest Nigeria.

Dr. Terri Ballard Italy FAO
I am currently working on:

FNS measurement

I am currently working on:

Nutrition research aspects of micronutrient-rich staple food crops developed by traditional plant breeding techniques. Proof of concept studies and support to country teams in food science and technology for value addition and creation of markets for biofortified food crops in SubSaharan African and South Asian Countries, as well as in a few LAC nations.