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Ms. Ana Tobar Guatemala FAO-Guatemala
I am currently working on:

FAO Naciones Unidas, Guatemala

Dr. Gulchekhra Khasankhanova Uzbekistan Design and Research UZGIP Institute
I am currently working on:

Mainstreaming the cross-cutting issues in strategies for project design and implementation, based on FAO LADA and WOCAT approach and practices, and providing result-based monitoring and assessment of the DLDD effects and SLM. Familiar with environmental and socio-economic baseline surveys and profiles for appraisal, mid-term review and assessment of performance, implementation/absorption capacities, training and capacity building of targeted and vulnerable groups, as well as analysis of “enabling environment”, including legal and policy framework.

Ms. Cynthia Moleta Cominesi Brazil Associação Amigos da Terra - CAT Sorriso
I am currently working on:

in a project called "People who produces and preserves: producing soybean, conserving the biodiversity" in the Mato Grosso state.

Ms. Ana Cristina Callejas Honduras Organiztion
I am currently working on:

On the unit of Food Security and Nutrtion UTSAN, an important unit for the Honduras government Ana Cristina Callejas

Ms. Caroline Swahili Kenya CAFOD
I am currently working on:

currently supporting partners work on nutrition sensitive programming. trying to ensure that livelihoods , DRR and food security projects effectively address malnutrition that is a very rampant problem in the Horn and East African Countries l work in in.

Ms. Jan Dyer Canada
I am currently working on:

CFS Responsible Agriculture Investment

Ms. Marian Carolina Pargas Saavedra Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
I am currently working on:

Natural Resources Management,Tribal people development project, Post harvest processing of food crops.

Dr. Georgina Bingham Zivanovic Switzerland Vestergaard
I am currently working on:

We are producing and developing tools for the most vulnerable in socity, specifically the Food Security department is currently focused on protecting Livestock high yielding breeds and sustainable intensification of agro-ecological & climate sensitive husbandry practices such as zero grazing. Additionally, we are focussed on food losses and waste, since, following the food crisis in 2006/ 2007 there was a sharp rise in global food prices that brought an increased focus on agriculture and a renewed interest in the reduction of postharvest losses (PHLs) as a means of increasing food availability. In the case of smallholders, most cereals are stored by farming households after harvest until they are sold or consumed during the year. A key aspect of addressing post-harvest losses is through encouraging smallholders to invest more of their resources in postharvest handling and storage to maintain the high quality of their cereal and reap the rewards of higher value markets. Better post-harvest management associated with loss reduction was also reported by the World Bank’s 2011 “Missing Food Report” as a way of helping to build resilience against current and future climate-related shocks, and reduce the need for compensatory agricultural extensification, land use change, and damage to the environment services, including carbon sequestration. We have tools focused on reducing losses through post harvest storage.