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Ms. Teresa Tucker United Kingdom Economic and Social Research Council
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Research Cross-Council Global Food Security Programme. Working with the Foods Standars agency on Understanding the Challenges of the Food System.

Ministry of Agrarian Development Brazil Brazil Ministry of Agrarian Development of Brazil
Dr. Ismael Soriano Ecuador Consultor indenpendiente
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Como consultor independiente en el area de Alimentacion y Nutricion

Ms. Hoa Nguyen Viet Nam Hanoi Medical University
Thuy nguyen Switzerland SUN
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Mr. Muhammad N aeem Khan Pakistan Muhammad Akram & Sons Trading & Investment
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I am particularly pleased the Asia is working with International Foods org members to strengthen the focus on the next Open Investing in Smallholder Agriculture for Food Security and different definitions of “smallholder agriculture2” and each definition carries implications for the measurement of the number of smallholders. Definitions also guide our understanding of the investment needs of smallholders. A discussion on definitions is therefore neither trivial nor academic, but has real implications for policies and impacts on livelihoods. Important role in providing smallholders with additional income and as a
Way of diversifying risk, thus improving their resilience to the shocks that impact on agriculture. Off farm
Activities are a common feature of rural economies, both in developed and developing Countries, and offer opportunities for investments in support of smallholders.We have made huge progress today getting agreement to help end undernutrition in our lifetimes, backed by governments, business, science and NGOs. To achieve this, we must support economic growth by working with farmers, local businesses, international companies and the Asia governments building market reform into their programmes.

Ms. nackyy dny India
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web devlopment

Ms. Albaneide Peixinho Brazil Fundo Nacional de Desenvolvimento da Educação
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Alimentação Escolar, Segurança Alimentar e Nutricional;Alimentação e Nutrição