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Ms. Rajender Kumar Thakur India Green Tech Agri-Sector Pvt. Ltd.
I am currently working on:

I am farming expert in the Western Himalayan region in India having 20 years experience in Hill Farming Systems with specialisation in greenhouse technology,agri-inputs and consultancy

Prof. Jim Bingen United States of America Michigan State University
I am currently working on:

Collective organization of small farmers in North America and SS Africa around geographic indications.

Mr. Martin Rokitzki France ACF Action Contre la Faim
I am currently working on:

Food Security and Livelihoods

Viorica BOBOC Romania Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
I am currently working on:

Directorate General of Food Industry Market Organization Department


Main activities, experience and responsibilities

- Coordinator of working group the elaboration of a common strategy based on the potential area study, proposed by the Continuous Formative Centre for adults

- Technical assistance in the ecological agricultural field;

- Documentary studies regarding extension services from developed countries; popularization of the EU support for Romanian farmers; data basis setting up;

- Member and working group for elaboration SO - EQF - The Agriculture Sector Committee, Fishery and Fishing

- Head of poultry production and ecological  technologies of poultry nutrition The Association BIOAVIROM - Romania

I am currently researcher of the “postdoctoral school for zootechnic biodiversity and food biotechnology based on eco-economy and bio-economy necessary for eco-san-genesis” - The Romanian Academy – INCE – “Costin. C. Kiritescu” - Project POSDRU 89/1.5/S/63258.

The main objectives of the research:

1. Analysis of comparative research at the level of organizations or farms, both conventional and eco, referring to the application of integrated strategic management in order to obtain agro-food products that are safe for consumers in clean environment conditions;

2. Research regarding the application of integrated strategic management in agro-zootechnical ecosystems and the eco-efficiency of conversion in agro-food products

3. The construction of a transnational partnership in order to extend the research subject and identify an European financing program

Founding member NGOs from Romania:
- Romanian Association for Sustainable Agriculture - ARAD - 1999
- The Romanian Association of quail breeders - 2000
The association of Romanian biological poultry producers – BIOAVIROM - 2004
- We set Breeders Club Transylvanian Naked Neck chickens - hens to breed only in Romania, recognized in 1876 at an exhibition in Germany.
- Sectoral Committee Agriculture and Fishing Association - 2007
- The Association Terra Fouds - 2010

Member World Poultry Association

Mr. Tobias Bauer Italy WFP
I am currently working on:

WFP's Purchase for Progress initiative:

Mr. Christopher Mulindwa Uganda
I am currently working on:

I am working with Pig Production and Marketing Uganda Limited. Current chairman of Watubba Pig Farmers Association in Wakiso district, Nangabo subcounty.

Ms. Alexandra Rottger Italy FAO
I am currently working on:

sme development

Mr. crecencio elenes United States of America
I am currently working on:

Cooperative stremghtening, marketing,

Mr. Albert Omar Mruma United Republic of Tanzania Moshi University College of Cooperative and Bussiness Studies
I am currently working on:

A lecturer with Moshi University College of Cooperative and Business Studies

Dr. Abdelghani Souirji Senegal EWA
I am currently working on:

Backstopping cooperatives unions in Ethiopia and Senegal