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I am currently working on:

Food production, productivity and food security in Asian Region.

Sue Price Italy Flooded Cellar Productions Ltd
I am currently working on:

A variety of knowledge management videos on food security. Am finishing off videos about the EU Food Facility and support to seed and solidarity chains and am about to start in depth technical videos for use in the field about how SRI works.

Suliman Alsawi Saudi Arabia Ministry of Agriculture in Saudi Arabia
Sumaiya Rawshan Bangladesh University Of Development Alternative
I am currently working on:

Exploring links between food security and nutrition in WFP assessments and analysis

I am currently working on:

• Projet de Renforcement des Capacités Institutionnelles des Organisations Communautaires de Base ;
• Projet de Jardin Scolaire
• Projet Prix du Journaliste Agricole Haïtien
• Projet Pilote Intégré de Développement Durable

Tania Eulalia Martinez Cruz United States of America The University of Arizona
I am currently working on:

Sweet sorghum production in the Arizonan desert as an alternative for bioethanol production

Tanveer Arif Pakistan Society for Conservation and Protection of Environ
I am currently working on:

environment, sustainable land management, land rights, combating desertification

Tara Acharya United States of America PepsiCo
I am currently working on:

Dr. Tara Acharya is a Senior Manager in Global Health and Agriculture Policy at PepsiCo. She works with internal stakeholders and external partners to guide and develop PepsiCo’s Policy as it relates to agriculture and health. She has a keen interest in the interface between agriculture, nutrition and environmental sustainability.
Dr. Acharya previously held the position of Associate Director at the Rockefeller Foundation where she worked on international development issues, making grants to promote open innovation for development and to control the spread of infectious diseases derived from animals. She has also worked as a consultant to the Rockefeller Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Global Health, with a focus on public-private partnerships to meet the health needs of poor people worldwide. Dr. Acharya’s interest in science and global health took shape at the University of Toronto, where she worked on the application of biotechnology to help meet the Millennium Development Goals, and the Gates Foundation’s Grand Challenges in Global Health.
Dr. Acharya has also been a scientist in the biotechnology industry, working in the areas of personalized medicine at Genaissance Pharmaceuticals and proteomics at Celera. She received both her PhD in biochemistry and her MPH in international health from Yale University.