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Prof. Gerhard Flachowsky Germany Federal Research Institute for Animal Health
I am currently working on:

As retired senior scientist and previous Head of the Institute of Animal Nutrition I am working in some fields of feed efficiency, effective using of limitzed resources, emissions including Carbon Foodtprints for food of animal origin (esp. protein).

Yeji Baek Republic of Korea Intern, WHO/UNSCN, Seoul National University
Mr. Philippe Novelli Canada ICAO
I am currently working on:


Ms. Lai Yin Stenqvist Sweden Ramedco
I am currently working on:

I am working on
1. To draw the attention to the public about the future of food. There are 2 major types: organic and nonorganic.
2. To find out the possibilities to do more research on the safety of GMO.

Md. Rafiqul Islam Bangladesh FAO
I am currently working on:

Village based Organization (VBO) development, Capacity strengthening of the VBOs, Farmers Field School (FFS)formation and facilitation of its functioning, Household Food Security, School and nutrition gardening under the project Food Security through enhanced agricultural production, diversified sources of income, value addition and marketing in Bangladesh

Seth Meyer Italy FAO
Mr. Dominic Foster United Kingdom
I am currently working on:

The role of Agriculture in improving food and nutrition security

Mr. Matthew Fielding Sweden Stockholm Environment Institute
I am currently working on:

Food Security towards Poverty Alleviation

Mr. Roger Zurcher Switzerland SECAAR
I am currently working on:

Food sovereignty

Prof. Afaf Korraa Egypt Al Azhar University
I am currently working on:

Kmc in my researches