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Ms. Barbara Degenhart Germany University of Bayreuth
I am currently working on:

Urban food systems and coping strategies of mid-sized cities in North-Western Ethiopia, the examples Bahir Dar and Mekele

Mr. Daniele De Bernardi Democratic Republic of the Congo
I am currently working on:

FS & Rur Dev programs

Mr. Rafael I Merchan United States of America Columbia University
I am currently working on:

The extend to which agricultural extension and advisory systems are integrating nutrition messages. Which countries are doing it, how, what are some of the challenges etc.

Dr. Leonard Mizzi Belgium
I am currently working on:

Sustainable agriculture

Mr. Revocatus Lazaro United Republic of Tanzania Sokoine University of Agriculture
I am currently working on:

Student studying BSc. in Human nutrition (2010-augost 2013)

Federico Navamuel Argentina Ministerio de Agricultura Ganadería y Pesca
Dr. Ahmed Ould Amar Mauritania Projet de Lutte Contre la Pauvreté dans l'Aftout-Sud et le Karakoro - PASK II
I am currently working on:

La lutte contre la pauvreté rurale;
Le développement de l'agriculture (échelle des petits producteurs et groupes de producteurs);
Le développement de l'élevage;
La résilience des sols et écosystèmes;
La gestion et la mobilisation des eaux de surface;
La gestion des ressources naturelles;
Le développement local.

Carolyn Shore United States of America
I am currently working on:

Food security and postharvest loss

Mr. Odusina Oluwaseun Nigeria graduate
I am currently working on:

Anthropometric measurement and dietary pattern of 0-24month children