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Mr. Purnachandra Wasti Nepal Department of Food Technology and Quality Control
I am currently working on:

Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation of Food Safety, Food Technology Development and Food Based Nutrition Programmes for the Government of Nepal.



PRAMOD CHANDRA SATPATHY India Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology
I am currently working on:

Potato research and Development PUPPala India
I am currently working on:


CRAHAY Philippe France Action Against Hunger
Peter Chipalabwe Zambia National Food and Nutrition Commission of Zambia
Pitam Chandra India ICAR
Peter Biermann Switzerland Soyuz Commodities
I am currently working on:

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
shortly I will join the largest procurement and port group in Russia - Summa Group - to which the trading house Soyuz Commodities belongs. We are in deep studies to improve the transport and port situation in Russia seeing that country to take over a even more important role in the world grain market. All this is highly supported by the President of the Russia.
What I`m looking for now is a projection how the supply and demand side of wheat will change the next 5 years taking in consideration the rising world population and the changing diet habits in some important parts of the world, especially Asia. Your support on this point would help us to make the right conclusions for our further investments.
Thank you very much in advance for your reply.

Kind regards
Peter Biermann
Soyuz Commodities
Mobile: +41 775051784

Benone - Ion Pasarin Romania University of Agr.Sci. & Vet. Med. Iasi
I am currently working on:

* Professor PhD and Dean of Faculty of Animal Science Iasi, Departament :Management of Animal Productions, Fishery technology
* Member and expert of United Nations High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition, FAO.
My main interest is Agrobiodiversity, preservation of animal biodiversity -wild and domestic-, food security;
* Water resources (management) and biodiversity;
* Management and Biotechnology Livestock and Farming Systems.

Paul BARERA Rwanda
I am currently working on:

Information and communication technologies for development