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Fred Kafeero Italy Food and Agriculture Organisation
I am currently working on:

The important role of Forestry to food security and nutrition

Lapeyrie Frederic France MESR
I am currently working on:

Agricultural Research for Development

Stepman Francois Belgium Platform for African – European Partnership in Agricultural Research for Devel
I am currently working on:

support to multi stakeholder consortia in Agricultural Research for Development

Ganesh Chandra India CIFRI, ICAR
I am currently working on:

livelihood opportunity in inland fisheries of India.

Géraldine Tardivel Italy FAO
I am currently working on:

innovative financing for agriculture, food security and nutrition; on policy dialogue with regional and local authorities and their networks (decentralized cooperation); and on territorial approach of food security policies and strategies.

Gerrishon ikiara Kenya University of Nairobi
I am currently working on:

Food Insecurity project for IFRI as a consultant. I need data on donor partners contribution towards Kenya's food security over the period 2000-2012

Gabriela María Gómez Melara ggomez El Salvador SG-SICA
I am currently working on:

Regional Program of Food and Nutritional Security. Its purpose is to help Central American habitants to develop through the strengthening of local, national and regional institutions.

Grant Hillier Canada Canadian Foodgrains Bank
I am currently working on:

Food Aid and Food Security programming. Organizationally we're preparing for greater programming options in a Food Assistance context once the revised FAC has navigated its way through the Government system and revised our funding agreement with CIDA.

Gabriel Lui Brazil University of Sao Paulo
I am currently working on:

Land use change, rural development, and social protection in the Brazilian Amazon

Giancarlo Drennan Canada Global Renewable Fuels Alliance