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Dr. Yoshiko Ogawa Viet Nam JICA
I am currently working on:

Trafficking in persons

kirsten ann young Afghanistan ohchr
HANAN MOHAMED AHMED Sudan Ministry of Animal Resources & Fisheries (MARF)
I am currently working on:

I am the head, GIS and Statistics Unit and FMD national coordinator, and LEGS TOT.
study using GIS and RS in prediction of disease outbreaks and idntifying the disease transimision pattern
also I am working in desimination of LEGS knowledge among veterinarians who work in areas where livestock being affected by disasters/ hazards and the impact of the disaster on livestock and eventually on livelihoods of the communities

YAPI PATRICE N'CHO Côte d'Ivoire Autorité de régulation du Coton et de l'Anacarde (ARECA)
I am currently working on:

Nos réflexions portent actuellement sur l'industrialisation de la filière cajou en Afrique spécifiquement la mise en place d'une stratégie industrielle cajou en Côte d'Ivoire.

A cet effet, il faudrait développer un marché local de consommation des amandes de cajou dans l'espace de l'UEMOA et CEDEAO.

Wahid bin Ahsan Bangladesh VOCTA
Waicent Italy fao
Walter Belik Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribean, Food and Agriculture Organiz
Mr. Walter Mwasaa Ethiopia Save the Children
I am currently working on:

Productive Safety Net Program