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Julliet Wanjiku Kenya ReSAKSS
Wan Manan Malaysia Universiti Sains Malaysia
Warwick Nash Australia Queensland Government
I am currently working on:

Fisheries and aquaculture research, in a climate of ever-diminishing R&D funding; and therefore working to make a case that future food security is dependent on strong investment in agriculture R&D.

Dr. Ann Waters-Bayer Netherlands ETC Foundation
I am currently working on:

methodologies of multi-stakeholder partnership in agricultural research and development; agricultural innovation systems; pastoralist development; ecologically oriented agriculture and natural resource management; gender issues

Wan Azdie Mohd Abu Bakar Malaysia International Islamic University Malaysia
David Wu Wu China Shanxi Jiaqi Agri-Tech Co.,Ltd.
I am currently working on:

quinoa research and growing in Chian poverty regions

daniel fucetola United States of America
I am currently working on:

Good-day gentle people,
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wezi chunga Malawi
I am currently working on:

a PhD in food security

Whitney Hostetter United States of America Tulane University
I am currently working on:

A masters in public health focusing on food security and nutrition.