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John Marshall United Kingdom Transition Helston & District
John Sumelius Finland University of Helsinki
I am currently working on:

producer organisations, copperatives, microfiance, efficiency

John Moffett Ireland Self Help Africa
AA Hj Johari Jemain Aj- Haj Malaysia Department of Agriculture, State of Johore
I am currently working on:

Managing agri projects using project management methodology.

Utilisung MSP in scheduling.

Translating policies into workable action plans that surpasses req of stakeholders esp farmers.

Making society realise its a CSR to support agri industry ( and not a subsidy) due to its value to human eco system and priciples of green project managemnt and in the macro picture of holistic human development

Johanna Somerville Australia
I am currently working on:

I have recently completed my LLM in human rights law at the University of Essex. While their I focused extensively on the right to Right to food and small-scale farming and on Indigenous resource related rights.

I hoping to work on these areas in my career.

Joel Flores-Sanchez Guatemala Engineering &Manufacturing Consulting
I am currently working on:

I am currently working in Food and Beverage Industry in a global company.

Jody Harris United Kingdom Uuniversity College London
Jock Anderson United States of America retiree
I am currently working on:

an OED evaluation of FAO policy work

Joseph Ashong United States of America Cornell University
I am currently working on:

Safety and efficiency of moringa oleifera for the treatment of malnutrition in children in developing countries