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Jason Turner South Africa ARG Design
I am currently working on:

Building food and water self sufficiency into the urban fabric of projects with which we are involved as Urban Designers and Landscape Architects. Contemporaneously, we are striving to reverse mass urbanization through the creation of viable alternatives in rural areas - particularly the reestablishment of micro farming enterprises through Holistic Management and Permaculture principles.

Jasmina Havranek Croatia Agency for Science and Higher Education
Juan Antonio Rakosnik Spain RKS Consulting
I am currently working on:

Proyecto de dinamización del sector Agroalimentario de varias zonas rurales de Kenia donde se prepara la colaboración de varias empresas de Catalunya y España para crear el tejido necesario agroalimentario para que el campesino en kenia se quede en la zona rural y los nucleos urbanos tengan suministro de alimentos cárnicos a su alcance.

I am currently working on:

Food Security Early Warning

Jorge Ortega Chile FAO/RLC
I am currently working on:

Economista en Sistemas Alimentarios

Janot Mendler de Suarez United States of America UNIDO / Interim Guinea Current Commission
Jacqueline ODwyer Spain La Laguna University
Janice Albert Italy FAO HQs
Jane Sherman Italy FAO and universities
Jancy Gupta India National Dairy Research Institute, India