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kamau ngamau Kenya MKEPP/IFAD
I am currently working on:

MIS and M&E stuff

J.N.Ndimwedi Namibia University of Namibia
Mr. Julien Morel France Action contre la Faim
I am currently working on:

Nutrition Security / Nutrition Sensitive interventions

Food Assistance

Cash based interventions

James Keitany Kenya Handicap-International-Kenya/Somalia
I am currently working on:

Disability and development specialist with substantial experience implementation of diverse programs in humanitarian set up within sub-Saharan Africa specifically in Sudan and Kenya. . Interest in development work and management of disability programs in other sub-Saharan countries.
Currently working with Handicap International as the Inclusion Project manager (IPM) for Kenya and Somalia program in mainstreaming disability into development actionsas an an integral part of programming and delivery of development interventions

Juan Manuel Micher Mexico Universidad Iberoamericana
Jose-Maria Garcia-Alvarez-Coque Spain Universitat Politecnica de Valencia
I am currently working on:

Trade and development. SUSTAINMED (Sustainable agri-food systems and rural development in the Mediterranean Partner Countries)

Jordi Menendez Spain Mundubat
Jhon Jairo Mendoza Seminario Costa Rica Educacion
I am currently working on:

Estudiando en Universidad EARTH- Costa Rica.

Prof. Joan P Mencher, Ph. D. United States of America The Second Chance Fd., NYC
I am currently working on:

Writing related to sustainable agriculture in South India and the USA>
Also, trying to raise funds to support grassroots NGOs in South India that work with small farmers and even landless female agricultural labourers doing sustainable agriculture.

cordier jean marie France JTS les semences du Jardin Tropical
I am currently working on:

Gardenning in the tropics