A FSN Forum dedicated to West Africa

Since 2007, the FSN Forum promotes the vision that sharing knowledge and expertise on food security and nutrition is a key factor in the fight against hunger and malnutrition. Inclusive multi-stakeholder dialogues on policy processes help in raising awareness and strengthen support, contributing significantly to the improvement of techniques and approaches for food and nutrition security of the most vulnerable populations.

The FSN Forum hosts online discussions where members exchange knowledge and provide constructive feedback to inform the global dialogue and decision-making processes.

Building on the increasing participation of West African experts and practitioners in the FSN Forum online discussions, and on the various on-going initiatives in the region, the FSN Forum is facilitating this sub-regional subset dedicated to West Africa. Through online discussions dedicated to West Africa, linkages between various initiatives in the region are established and awareness is raised on most pressing FSN issues affecting the region.

The West Africa FSN Forum can also support policy formulation and processes by providing a channel for local, national and sub-regional West African stakeholders to actively contribute to existing initiatives, such as the new ECOWAS Hunger Free Initiative supported, among others, by FAO.

Furthermore, the FSN Forum in West Africa is a network that allows its members to contact and be contacted by other FSN Forum members and directly engage on a professional basis : once logged in, members can browse the members list by country, affiliation and common professional interests.