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全球粮食安全与营养论坛 · FSN论坛

全球粮食安全与营养论坛(FSN论坛)是由粮农组织农业食品经济司 (ESA) 主持的围绕粮食安全与营养问题开展多利益相关者对话的在线平台。


新冠病毒疫情背景下家庭农户和小规模生产者挑战的全球磋商会 – 关于恢复战略的意见和建议






  • WEBINAR - Open and Transparent Forest Data: Innovation and Technology for Climate Action

    A key pillar of the Paris Agreement is the Enhanced Transparency Framework (ETF), which aims to raise ambitions for climate action through transparent country reporting. The development of National Forest Monitoring Systems with open and transparent data can enable action for forest and climate. In light of the climate emergency, it is time to scale up efforts toward accurate, open and transparent forest data, to catalyze higher ambitions under the Paris Agreement. The FAO webinar “Open and Transparent Forest data: Innovation and Technology for Climate Action” will highlight global and[...]
  • FAO launches Food Coalition to lift food access, sustainable agri-food systems

    The need for concerted action to prevent the COVID-19 international health emergency from triggering a catastrophic world food crisis received a welcome new tool today as the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations formally launched the Food Coalition. A "network of networks", the Food Coalition is a voluntary multi-stakeholder and multi-sectoral alliance set up to support innovative initiatives to ensure global food access, increase the resilience of agri-food systems and put them on a more sustainable course. First suggested by the Government of Italy and with more than 30[...]
  • ZOOMINAR - Role of Public Policies in Supporting Innovation for Sustainable Agri-Food System Transformation in the NENA Region

    FAO and partners have co-organized a series of Innovation Zoominars addressing the role of innovation and digital technologies in increasing resilience of smallholders to emerging disruptive impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on rural livelihoods. This Zoominar session will be part of ITU-UNESCO Regional Digital Inclusion Week for the Arab States, focusing on challenges facing the innovation processes in the agriculture sector with regards to governance and public policy aspects. The session will involve all partners and government representatives from the NENA Region and will emphasize on[...]