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Re: The contribution of the private sector and civil society to improve nutrition

Robynne Anderson
Robynne AndersonInternational Agri Food NetworkCanada

Nutrition is a fundamental human need and working together to achieve it is such a meaningful activity.  During the course of the on-line discussion, it was heartening to see many examples of the way people can pull together to further food security and nutrition. Overarchingly, the conversation has pointed to the need for a diverse range of actors to be engaged: farmers organisations, NGOs, academics, private sector, and individuals too. 

We have seen evidence of the strengths each sector brings to delivering nutritional programs.  These include specific activities taken by non-governmental actors in their respective businesses or organisations, which in turn can lead to collaborations that become more than the sum of their parts.  From a private sector perspective, it may mean not only improving the nutritive content of an existing product but also being part of partnerships that deliver integrated solutions on household nutritional security.  The private sector is at its best in leveraging market-based solutions to address some of the most intractable problems in addressing poverty and sustainability. We heard great examples of the role universities can play in analyzing needs, also of farmers organisations in managing resources sustainably, and civil society groups on-the-ground.  Each group bringing their own skills to bear on the problems of nutrition is a potent solution.

So, many thanks to all of you for your insights and the passion you bring to feeding the world's people better.  Onward to more engagement and more action.