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Re: Principles for Responsible Agricultural Investments

C.Palanivelayutham Chokkalingam

Dear sir,

I have read the zero draft on principles of responsible Agriculture investment.

 1. Are all relevant issues and areas related to fostering responsible agricultural investments adequately addressed in the Zero Draft? If not, what should be changed?

In this topic I want to include some of the areas related to fostering responsible Agriculture investment.

1. The government organisation, or private public participation mode the investment should be focussed in the area of irrigated Agriculture. Investment towards the development of irrigation facilities, water harvesting technologies, Drip,sprinkler irrigation, and improved agroniomic practices are to be given primary importance.

2.  Either Private sector.or ppp mode more investment are needed in the area of certified seed production which will pave the way for better production in this crop  and sustainable income for Agriculture investment.

3. More investment should be added in formation of cold storage, supply chain management, retail marketing, door to door  supply of farm products and value added service.

4.Future market in agriculture commodity (on line market) should be strictly prohibited for sustainable Agriculture investment.