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Re: Principles for Responsible Agricultural Investments

Alexander Sagaydak
Alexander SagaydakState University of Land Use PlanningRussian Federation

In my opinion, the Zero Draft of the RAI is a logical development of the VGGT. It establishes a comprehensive approach to responsible management of investments in agriculture. It is very important for Russia and other post-Soviet countries. As for the questions that can be answered as follows.
1. Almost all major aspects of the responsible agricultural investing are adequately described in the Zero Draft.
2. The roles, rights and responsibilities of the main parties involved in the investment process in agriculture are also described clearly.
3. The Zero Draft is quite perfect document, which I believe have a major impact on improving the efficiency of agricultural production, providing its sustainable development in the context of national food security.
4. The Zero Draft is written clearly, understandable and accessible.
I especially appreciate that the Zero Draft pays great attention to the environmental aspects of investment process in agriculture. This reveals the connection between the Zero Draft of the RAI and the VGGT.
However, in my opinion, it should be noted that investing in agriculture should be carried out on the basis of project analysis using international indicators to measure the effectiveness defined by using international accounting standards. This requirement is especially important for Russia and other post-Soviet countries. Implementation of the RAI should be started with the launch of the pilot projects in the different parts of the world. The experience should be scrutinized, disseminated and replicated.