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Re: Principles for Responsible Agricultural Investments

Helen Medina
Helen MedinaUS Council for International BusinessUnited States of America

With regards to RAI as they are being developed at the moment, the US Council for International Business (USCIB) has the following comments:

The private sector has concerns with regards to monitoring and evaluation as well as roles and responsibilities. I would like to stress that it is important to create an environment that encourages investment. Otherwise, the private sector actors that you are trying to work with may be deterred from the RAI principles. We heard this not only during the US meeting but several Canadians have also expressed this.

Furthermore, we have some questions about the role of monitoring and evaluation. Who should do what  and to whom should be clarified and be made more explicit.  I understand that at the moment, there is no method for monitoring and implementing the roles defined. What entity will keep an eye on the companies and countries that commit to implementing the principles?

Finally I would like to highlight again that in general the roles and responsibilities should not be too prescriptive as it is a voluntary document.

Thank you in advance for accepting my comments and for providing me the opportunity to comment. I look forward to working with you as the RAI Principles develop.

Helen Medina,

Senior Director, Product Policy and Innovation