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Re: Principles for Responsible Agricultural Investments

CFS Private Sector Mechanism
CFS Private Sector Mechanism

Dear Chair,

On behalf of the Private Sector Mechanism I wish to present some specific suggestions as the debate draws to a close:

  1. Objective, nature and scope: In order to frame the discussion more clearly, there could be some language on the breadth and diversity of the agricultural systems that the principles are targeting.
  2. Principle 3: How can we qualify this language to make climate mitigation and/or mitigation achievable and successful for individual investments? The private sector believes that investments should take place in particular in: sustainable agricultural practices; rural infrastructure, storage capacities and related technologies; research and development on sustainable agricultural technologies; developing strong agricultural cooperatives and value chains; reducing post-harvest and other food losses and waste throughout the food supply chain.
  3. Principle 4: Farmers are by nature innovators and early adopters of agricultural technology. Does this principle embody far enough the concepts of modern farming and innovation, at the same time as recognising valuable traditional knowledge?

Best wishes,

Katy Lee, International Agri-Food Network